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    Non-quilted Polypropylene Water Resistant Zipped Pillow Protector

    Product Number: 1190
    Pillow Protector
    Zipped Fastening - 50cm x 75cm
    ex VAT
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pair
    Hotel polypropylene non-quilted zipped pillow protector. Water resistant. Very hygienic. Non-allergenic. Non-rustle soft spun polypropylene fabric. With Zip Fastening. Sold in pair.
    Allows air to circulate around the pillow. 100% Polypropylene. Fully Washable. Non-iron.
    A pillow protector will preserve the lifespan of your pillow and keep odours neutralised.
    Zipped Fastening Style 50x75cm (20x29"). White.M