Hotel Wall Mounted Baby Changing Unit - Rubbermaid Foldaway Baby Changing Station

Product Number: 1793

Babty changing unit. Wall mounted horizontal foldaway baby changing unit provides a safe and hygienic area for nappy changing. Folds away to wall to save space when not in use.

Baby changing station with large deep bed with built-in antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odours and stains Adjustable safety belt for ease and control during changes. Complete with 6 baby liners.

Meets all global safety standards (ASTM, ADA, FDA, and EN). Made by Rubbermaid. Innovative foldaway design. Strong and stable, built to withstand loads of up to 15kg.

Dimensions - External : Closed: 120(h) x 862(w) x 557(d)mm. Dimensions - Internal : Open: 557(h) x 862(w) x 483(d)mm. Convenient hooks holds a nappy bag securely and frees hands. Dispenser for liners for convenience and sanitary needs.

Hotel Baby Changing Unit - Wall Mounted - Foldaway Baby Changing Station by Rubbermaid

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