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    Wahl Ionic Style Bedroom Hair Dryer - 2200w - Black

    Product Number: 6335
    Bedroom Hair Dryer
    Black - 2200-watt
    ex VAT
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    The WAHL Ionic Style 2200 watt hair dryer has been designed to create a salon-quality appearance to hair.
    The WAHL Ionic Style 2200 watt hair dryer has a tourmaline grille which keeps moisture in the hair cuticles leaving your hair looking naturally healthy and shiny.
    This lightweight slim hair dryer is high powered to dry the hair quickly and efficiently. The standard nozzle is perfect for curly hair, whereas the wider concentrator nozzle is ideal for drying long and thick hair faster.
    With its 3 heat and 2 speed settings this dryer offer greater controlk over hair drying. The high speed and heat settings are for drying the hair quickly. The lower speed and heat settings allow for more control when styling the hair.M