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    Tariff Boards - Textured Buckram Fabric - Top And Bottom Strips

    Product Number: 5300
    Single Sided - 168mm x 229mm
    ex VAT
    Minimum Order Quantity: 10
    Textured buckram fabric tariff board. These vibrant tariff boards feature a top and bottom strip making them easy to use and update your printed menu. Textured water resistant material.
    Available in two sizes both with top and bttom strips making them easy to use and update with your printed menu. Minimum quantity 10.
    Wide range of textured colours including Black, Silver, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Red, Dark Green, Grass Green and Beige
    Top and bottom strip display. Matching Menu Covers, Room Folders, Bill Presenters, etc. available. Buckram