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    Basic Fitted Mattress Protector - Waterproof - White

    Product Number: 5938
    Single size
    90cm x 190cm
    ex VAT
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    This robust waterproof mattress protector from Protect-A-Bed will help prolong the life of your mattress with its waterproof protection. The waterproof protector provides a smooth microfibre sleeping surface and is lightweight, stretchy and undetectable.
    This mattress protector also offers protection to those suffering with allergies and has been test washed 100 times. Fits the mattress like a fitted sheet. Fabric is air vapour porous.
    The easy care protector extends the life of your mattress and keeps it clean by offering protection against body fluids, dead skin cells, bacterial growth and much more.
    The Miracle Membrane is flexible, silent and thin, while providing effective top surface waterproof mattress protection. Available in single, double, king and super king sizes.ML