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    Numatic Nukeeper Housekeeping Laundry Trolley - Flexi Front -1 X 100 Litre Bag

    Product Number: 6356
    The Compact Low Level Numatic NuKeeper NKS1LLR has 1 x 100L bag capacity, quick access shelf storage and Low Level for greater visibility during transit. Measuring 1026(h)x582(w)x998(l)mm.
    Heavy-duty Structofoam construction which is chemical-resistant, easy-clean and built to last. A compact trolley for where space is at a real premiu. 4 x 100mm castors.
    Built on a durable chassis the NKS1LLR has a roller type shutter over its cabinet which can be used to keep clean towels and consumables safely tucked away. Additional to this is a 100L laundry bag allowing for storage of linen.
    Engineered from the highest quality recycled plastic using environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. The NuKeeper range has a unique heavy-duty Structofoam construction using co-polymer grade material making it tough. NKS1LLR
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    Numatic Nukeeper Housekeeping Laundry Trolley - NKS1LLR - Compact Low Level Trolley - Flexi Front - 1 x 100 Litre Bag - 1026(h)x582(w)x998(l)mm
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