Hotel Toiletries - Soap Dispenser - Classic Ii - Wall Mounted - Non Locking - White

Product Number: 4349

An attractive looking refillable soap dispenser with two refillable chambers. Manufactured from quality strong durable, water-resistant white ABS plastic. Available in 3 sizes - One chamber, Two chambers and Three chambers.

Smooth reliable soap dispensers, ideal for bathrooms, showers, washrooms, toilets, swimming pools, spas, kitchens, etc as it eliminates bottle clutter. Includes sheet of self-adhesive labels.

Pump pre-measures right amount of soap to reduce waste. Level indicator window shows when it's time to refill. Lid lifts up and chamber pops out for easy refilling.

Comes complete with all fixings for easy installation on any surface. All wall fixings are hidden for a clean finish. Dimensions 160mm w x 75mm d x 275mm h. Capacity 400ml per chamber.

Hotel Toiletries - Soap Dispenser - Classic II - Wall Mounted - 2 Chambers - Refillable - Non Locking - White

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