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    Towelling Open Toe Slippers with Rubber Dotted Sole

    Product Number: 4771
    White 100% cotton towelling slippers, open toe style with anti-slip rubber dotted sole. One size fits all 28cm long. Hygienically wrapped in pairs. Case quantity 100 pairs.
    Treat your guests to the luxury they deserve. Pamper them with these excellent quality towelling slippers with anti-slip rubber dotted sole. They are ideal for relaxing in their room or for use in the leisure or pool areas.
    100% cotton towelling. Open toe style. Anti-slip Rubber Dotted Sole. One size fits all. White only.
    A comfortable disposable slipper. Unisex. Available in closed toe or open toe styles in towelling. Available in open toe style in velour. Available in closed and open toe in 100% cotton waffle.M
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    Hotel Slippers - Open Toe - Towelling - One size 28cm long - Rubber Dotted Sole - Case of 100 Pairs - White
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