Waitress Pad Cover - Wipe Clean Textured Buckram Fabric

Product Number: 4297

The textured buckram fabric waitress pad cover is supplied in a range of bright colours in a stylish textured wipe clean material. Water resistant fabric.

It is available in two sizes small w95 x h155mm and large w117 x h175mm.

Wide range of textured colours including Black, Silver, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Red, Dark Green, Grass, Green and Beige. Minimum order 10.

A full range of restaurant pads are available. Matching Menu Covers, Room Folders, Bill Presenters, etc. available. Buckram.

Waitress Pad Cover - Textured Buckram Fabric - Large Size w117 x h175mm

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Waitress Pad Cover - Textured Buckram Fabric - Small Size w95 x h155mm

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