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    Lightweight Towelling Open Toe Slippers

    Product Number: 6184
    Open Toe Slippers
    One Size 28cm
    ex VAT
    Case of 100 Pairs
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Case
    A simply designed lightweight hotel slipper intended for single useage. Ideal for use in a spa for moving between treatment areas or for use in any hotel room.
    An extremely lightweight and simple slipper manufactured from a non-irritating polyester fleece fabric.
    These open toe slippers are an minimalist and effective option for spas, hotels and health clubs which do not want to overcomplicate their guests' footwear.
    Weight 40g, Colour White. Open toe style. One size fits all. Recommended for single use only. Disposable. Extremely lightweight and simple slipper. Non-irritating polyester fleece design.ML