Emerelle Spa Hotel Toiletries - Body Lotion - 300ml Ecopump - 24 Per Case

Product Number: 4314

Emerelle Spa Body Lotion is enriched with herbal extracts for a fresh and lively feeling and the body lotion is enriched with shea butter to leave the body silky smooth to the touch. 300ml Ecopump - 24 Per Case.

The stunning and bold looking line of accessories, in their re-sealable plastic packaging, can be reused to cut down on unnecessary waste. Also by being waterproof the packaging will not deteriorate when displayed around the bath or shower.

The Emerelle Spa range was created to be affordable and attractive. 20g Cleansing Body Bar available. 32ml bottle available in Conditioning Shampoo, Body Wash and Body Lotion. 300ml bottles available in Hair & Body Wash, Liquid Soap and Body Lotion.

Accessories available include Shower Cap in Sachet, Sewing Kit in Sachet, and Shoe Shine Sponge in Sachet.

Emerelle Spa Hotel Toiletries - Body Lotion - 300ml Ecopump Dispenser - 24 Per Case

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