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    Mitre Eco Towelling Bathrobe - 400gsm

    Product Number: 5881
    Eco Friendly Bathrobes
    400gsm - Shawl Collar - Large size
    ex VAT
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    A Mitre Eco-Friendly bathrobe manufactured from soft, comfortable 400gsm 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton has been grown without the use of genetic modification, pesticides, insecticides or any other type of chemical substances.
    There are many benefits to growing cotton organically. Farmers who grow organic cotton don't need to worry about the risk of poisoning from insecticides or pesticides.
    Boost your enviromental credentials. Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, leaving the soil, air and water free from contaminants that cause harm. Organic cotton produces around 46% less CO2 compared to conventional cotton.
    It also uses far less water to grow since organic cotton growers typically utilize rain far more than irrigation. Bathrobe weight 1.32Kg. Available in white only Available in large size only.