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    Bremmer Tower Blade Fan - 29" High - 50 Watt - Black Gloss Finish

    Product Number: 6343
    Room Blade Fan
    Floor Standing - 29" High - 50-watt
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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    A sleek and contemporary 29" high floor standing fan designed to enhance any room in your hotel. This Bremmer tower blade fan has a smart black gloss finish its modern and its modern appearance makes it a perfect fit for any style of decor.
    Your guests can effortlessly switch between three speed levels (1, 2, and 3), easily optimising the fan's performance to their requirements.
    The powerful cooling technology of the Despite its superior cooling capacity, the Bremmer tower blade fan functions quietly at a low 50dB, allowing your guests to enjoy cool and confortable surroundings without any unrulty noise and stress.
    This fan has an integrated carrying handle for greater portability which enables you to safely and conveniently move the fan to any desired location, ensuring optimal airflow wherever it is required. 50W power & 70 degree oscillation.