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    Hotel Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets

    Why do hotels buy Flat Sheets?

    Flat bed sheets offer more flexibility than fitted sheets as they can be used as a bottom sheet and as a top sheet. Flat sheets are much simpler to launder, iron and store which reduces the laundering time and costs for a hotel. With increased sizes and depths of mattresses our flat bed sheets are manufactured to fit all sizes of mattress. Available in a range of sizes, thread counts and colour choices, with our flat sheets you can create a comfortable and inviting sleeping environment. Flat bed sheets in hotels need to be laundered regularly to keep them pristine, so we have concentrated on constructing a selection of flat sheets which are durable enough to endure the commercial laundering procedure. Made from a variety of materials, including 100% cotton, cotton-rich, polyester cotton and 100% flame retardant polyester, each sheet is an economical way to protect your mattress and create the perfect night's sleep for your guests. Whilst crisp white flat sheets are still the most popular, we offer a selection of colours in our polyester cotton and polyester ranges. The timeless classical look of a hotel bedroom or guest house bedroom which has a bed with a pristine flat sheet and beautifully formed tight corners shows the particular attention to detail provided to your guests making their stay extra special

    What are the benefits of Fitted Sheets?

    Fitted sheets which are sometimes referred to as bottom sheets are designed to cover the mattress and to give a soft sleeping area. Some fitted sheets have elasticated corners which ensure a more secure fit and are more likely to remain in place when a guest is sleeping. Fitted Bed Sheets are particularly difficult to fit to the mattress and can be difficult for one person to handle. Not all mattresses are the same size, they can be single, double, queen, king or zip and link sizes. It is hard to make a fitted sheet which will fit all the different mattress sizes available. Generally, hotels do not use fitted sheets as they have a large number of bedrooms and it would be a difficult and time-consuming task to put fitted sheets onto each bed. Laundering, ironing and folding fitted bed sheets takes up precious time for hotel staff. Available in a wide range of fabrics and sizes we supply a selection of fitted sheets to suit all establishments, whether it be a small guest house, an aparthotel or student accommodation. Select from 100% cotton percale and luxury Egyptian cotton in 200, 300 and top quality 400-thread counts, or eco-friendly, cotton rich, polyester cotton and 100% flame retardant polyester fitted sheets in all bed sizes and skirt depths