Polyester Cotton Hotel Bed Linen

What is the difference between polyester cotton and polyester cotton percale hotel bed linen?  What is percale?  What does fabric thread count mean?  What does 68pic mean?  Please read on as all will be revealed.

50% 50% Polyester Cotton Hotel Bed Linen

Our 68pic 50 / 50 polyester cotton hotel bed linen is manufactured from 50% cotton and 50% polyester yarns with a 140 thread count.  This hotel bed linen has a balanced combination of tightly woven fibres to compliment the natural softness of the cotton and the easy care of the polyester, making it easy care.  Easy care means it is easier to iron after Duvet-Cover-Polyester-Cotton washing in comparison to ranges that do not carry the easy to care logo. This bed linen has been designed specifically for contract use in hotels, B&B’s, universities, hostels, holiday sites and many other establishments.  Hotel bed linen is available in fitted sheets, flat sheets, valances, pillow cases and duvet covers.

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Hotel Bed Linen

When it comes to choosing hotel bed linen it really is a minefield.  How do you choose the correct bed linen for your establishment?  What is the difference between cotton rich and 100% cotton bed linen?  What does thread count mean?  What does GSM mean?  All will be revealed – read on.

100% Cotton Hotel Bed Linen

100% cotton is the most widely used fabric used for hotel bed linen.  The fabric is durable, easy to launder and very long lasting.  100% cotton hotel bed linen is renowned for feeling cool which makes it very Duvet-Cover-Cotton-Percale-Bag-Style comfortable to sleep in.  Cotton is hypoallergenic, agreeable to touch, and is perfectly suited to people with skin hypersensitivity.  At supply2hotels we supply 100% cotton duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in our 120 thread count, 200 thread count and 300 thread count ranges.

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