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    Premium Hotel Bedding and Hotel Bed Linen Supplies

    Luxurious Hotel Bed Linen which will fulfil all your UK Hotel Bedding requirements at Wholesale Prices. Superb commercial quality bed linen you will love

    Hotel Bed Runners

    Bed Runners

    Our range of high quality bed runners and cushions will renovate your rooms easily and quickly. Designed and manufactured specifically for the hospitality industry, our hotel bed runners and cushions are inherently fire retardant and machine washable. Made in the UK

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    Hotel Quality Bedspreads


    Our range of luxury bedspreads add a touch of sophistication to your guest bedroom as well as extra warmth for your guests. Produced specially for the hospitality industry and manufactured from high quality fabrics, our bedspreads will lift and refresh any room setting quickly and economically

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    Hotel Quality Blankets


    We supply a wide range of hotel blankets for all types of establishments, from care homes to hotel bedrooms. Whether your choice be a pure merino wool blanketfor exceptional quality and softness, a polar fleece blanket for warmth or a brushed cellular blanket for warmth without heaviness

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    Hotel Cot Linen

    Cot Linen

    Our high quality, easy care baby cot linen collection ranges from soft cot sheets and cot blankets to cot duvets and soft durable polyester/cotton duvet covers. Soft durable jersey cotton cot sheets and our cotton cellular cot blankets help baby to sleep in comfort. Our cot duvets are filled with super soft allergy free polyester hollowfibre.

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    Hotel Duvet Covers

    Duvet Covers

    Our wide range of hotel quality duvet covers are the perfect bed linen to meet your needs. Whether you require easy care duvet covers or sumptuous cotton duvet covers for the most luxurious bedrooms, our bed linen is created to keep your guests comfortable and are created to withstand the most demanding hospitality environments

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    Hotel Duvet Protectors

    Duvet protectors

    Protect and increase the life of your duvet with a hotel quality duvet protector. The soft spun polypropylene cover will repel dirt and dust to fight against wear and tear on your duvet. The duvet protector will also prevent your duvet from staining, repel odours and is zipped for added protection against bugs and dust mites

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    Hotel Quality Duvets


    A high quality snug hotel duvet can make the difference between a good nights sleep or a poor hotel review! Our hotel duvet collection is available with every filling from standard economical hollowfibre to luxury microfibre or lightweight and insulating duck or goose down, providing your guests with a luxuriously peaceful sleep

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    Flame Retardant Bed Linen

    Flame Retardant

    Our flame retardant bed linen has been created to provide unparalleled safety to hospitality, and care and residential home establishments. Our flame retardant flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and valances are guaranteed to FR Source 7 standards, giving the very high fire retardancy

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    Hotel Mattress Protectors

    Mattress Protectors

    A mattress protector encases your mattress to prevent soiling and staining. Whether you require a simple polyester mattress protector or a more effective waterproof mattress protector we offer a full range of fabrics and sizes. Our range includes fully fitted, elasticated corner straps or full encasement options

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    Hotel Mattress Toppers

    Mattress Toppers

    Our range of mattress toppers are the ultimate in support and comfort for any bed. Increase the life of your mattress with a mattress topper ranging from durable hollowfibre to the luxurious feel of siliconized ball fibre or duck feather and down. Mattress toppers are also an excellent way to revitalise a tired mattress

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    Hotel Quality Pillows


    Our Hotel collection of Pillows provides the best pillows you can buy for comfort and the all important head and neck support. Simple attention to detail can give your guests the best nights sleep they have ever experienced. Hotel pillows, available in soft, medium and firm support to ensure your guests get a good nights sleep

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    Hotel Quality Pillow Cases

    Pillow Cases

    Our variety of pillow case fabrics and styles will suit all hospitality requirements whether a hotel, B&B, holiday site or holiday cottage. From our luxurious white Egyptian cotton to our colourful polyester/cotton range we have a pillow case to meet your needs and style and to co-ordinate with your choice of bed linen

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    Hotel Pillow Protectors

    Pillow Protectors

    Our wide range of pillow protectors in fabrics from polypropylene to luxury quilted will keep your pillow clean, fresh and away from body oils and potential stains, extending the life of the pillow. All our pillow protectors are soft and restful, providing a barrier against dust mites for additional protection for allergy sufferers

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    Hotel Quality Sheets


    We have a range of commercial quality hotel flat sheets and hotel fitted sheets which will help provide a comfortable nights sleep, while also giving a crisp, clean impression of your guest beds. Available in easy care polyester cotton, 100% cotton and 100% cotton percale

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    Hotel Bed Throws


    Add a touch of class or extra warmth to your rooms with our range of bed throws. Our luxury quilted throw is extremely comfortable, lavishly soft and adds a chic look to any bedroom. Our colourful microfibre throws are manufactured from special fibres which retain the heat, whilst being lightweight and stylish

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    Hotel Bed Valances


    Enhance your guest bedrooms by enhancing your guest beds with a base valance. We have a range of base valances with kick pleats which cater for all establishments. Whether you require our standard polyester/cotton, our polyester/cotton percale or our luxury Egyptian cotton percale base valances which retain the heat, whilst being lightweight and stylish

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    Hotel Zip and Link Duvets

    Zip and Link Duvets

    Zip & Link duvets are popular with hotels as they can be used as two single duvets or zipped together to make a super king size duvet. We have a range of zip & link duvets to cater for all requirements, whether a spring back hollowfibre filling is required, a luxury Tencel filling or a super luxurious microfibre filling

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    Premium Bed Linen and Hotel Bedding Supplies at Wholesale prices

    Supply2Hotels is a premium hotel bed linen supplier, providing an extensive range of high quality, wholesale hotel bedding to UK hotels and guest bedrooms. Our premium hotel bedding is often specified by hotel interior designers to add value and complement their luxurious cutting-edge designs. Hotel bedding is very important to the success of your hotel and, as such, you should invest in high quality hotel bed linen, as a good nights sleep is much more likely to result in a positive review. Many hotels invest considerable sums in room design and decoration but buy budget bedding to keep costs down - a huge mistake. You should buy the best bed linen as an investment in the future of your hotel, as better quality bedding is much more hard wearing and resilient to frequent laundering and so represents very good value for money. We supply a wide range of hotel bed linen including hotel flat sheets, hotel quality duvets, firm and soft support pillows, bed runners and blankets. To ensure your guest experience the highest standards of protection, we provide a variety of hotel bed protection including hotel mattress protectors, pillow protectors and duvet protectors. All our hotel bedding ranges are commercial quality and hard wearing, superior to domestic quality bed linen. One of the most talked about memories of any hotel stay is how comfortable the bed was; were the pillows comfortable and was the hotel bedding clean. Your guests will expect a comfortable, warm room with high quality hotel bed linen - we can advise you the best bedding to buy for your particular establishment to ensure you get that all important 5 star review. We supply all hotel bedding at wholesale prices - call us today